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Your success is our success. Ndex prides itself in unparalleled front line technical and software support. We commit to addressing all software and application questions and issues quickly and completely. With personalized support, the same Client Support Representative will follow your query from beginning to resolution. If a feature is not currently available, our representative will receive your request for consideration in future enhancements.


Since we manage the hosting, hardware, operating system and software configuration on our own Web servers, you can take advantage of technology without the overhead of IT administration. We are dedicated to ensuring that your hosting environment is available for use 24x7. 


Our highly trained staff is dedicated to resolving all of your questions and issues. We will diligently assist you in utilizing Ndex software to solve your business issues. If you have a question, Ndex is here for you! 



CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT SUPPORT or contact us at 514-288-0908 ext. 112.







Client Training


Ndex Systems provides a variety of training solutions to meet your needs. Our training includes:


§  Self-paced Computer-Based Tutorials

§  Classroom Training

§  Personalized Just-In-Time Instruction 



Choose any or all of these approaches to develop a flexible, comprehensive plan to help you optimize your business performance using Ndex solutions. 




CONTACT US to learn more about our training services or to schedule a training session.