Ndex "all in one" platform  




Experience the Ndex difference. Rather than bolting together various technologies to support multiple business needs, we provide an all-encompassing, single platform for all of your lines of business today and your new ventures tomorrow.




The CFAI compliant Ndex F-Engine system is designed to support the entire wealth management lifecycle for retail and institutional portfolio management. The system is simple to use, set up and maintain. With a fully integrated design, initial configuration and training are minimal.



Immediate Cost Savings

Ndex provides intelligent trade routing, automated compliance, batch trading and advanced reporting features. Reductions in back office expenses coupled with improved operational efficiencies will quickly translate into significant cost savings.




Increased Revenue – Customized Service  

Utilizing Ndex’s patented eTCPTM profiling capabilities to align the client’s KYC objectives with their investing bias, you can provide customized service to all of your clients. Irrespective of your size, you will be able to drive account activity while improving customer service.




CFAI Compliant Tools 

Ndex’s CFAI compliant portfolio management tools support retail brokerage, asset management and mutual fund dealerships to create a single platform for both IDA and MFDA business.





What is included in the Ndex Wealth Management Solution?



The Ndex F-Engine solution is a fully scalable, web-based wealth management system. With a user friendly interface, F-Engine provides easily customized features which you control. The system is designed to automate manual processes, providing immediate cost savings to your business. The adaptable platform interfaces with any existing back office system, allowing you to quickly get your products and services to the market at a fraction of the cost of a proprietary system.



Complete Portfolio Management 

Provides consolidated views of client accounts and easy access to performance measurement, custom reporting and historical data along with multiple query capabilities and user-views.



CRM Capabilities 

Features include household consolidation, customized client lists, quick searches and PDF formatted client reports.



Automated Compliance 

Online KYC processing allows you to closely manage account and client performance. Track individual investments, highlighting deviations from stated account and client objectives and improving ability to take corrective action. 



Fee Billing Management 

The flexible commission and fee management components manage data across accounts to produce accurate fee reporting.



Corporate Actions - Operations 

A single entry will adjust the book value of a selected security for all positions held within your institution.



Securities Management 

Ndex gives you the ability to categorize securities by sector, industry, credit rating, risk and customized parameters.



Trade Order Management 

Process batch trades. Rebalance large volumes of portfolios on both sell and buy-side according to investment models. Exclude “inherited positions” from the rebalancing process



Management Reporting 

Income, compliance, trading activity and asset allocation monitoring reports are available for the advisor, branch manager and head office.





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