Global, Portable Access – Web Based


Integral Web Application 

Our entirely web-based service allows you to work seamlessly from multiple locations. Ndex extends your offerings outside the office and creates a unified and consistent database you can access anywhere, anytime.



§  No desktop software installation required

§  Automatic data backups on Ndex servers

§  No software updates/upgrades to download

§  No IT maintenance

§  Easy to use

§  Available anywhere via the internet

§  Time saving and hassle free





Consolidated Statements


Ndex integrates perfectly with existing back office systems and supports multi-custody access. In fact, it is the #1 Canadian application supporting both custody and multi-custodial functionality.


Provide industry leading service for your clients with the unique perspective of a single, consolidated account statement for all accounts across multiple custodians.




Personalized Customer Care 



Everyone at Ndex strives to provide unparalleled customer service.


§  Experience our personalized and dedicated customer care. You will be treated like a member of the growing Ndex family.

§  Your issues are our staff’s top priority. Our dedicated teams will rapidly assist you. 

§  Due to our streamlined approach and focus on customer satisfaction, Ndex resolves issues in a fraction of the time of our competitors.                                     


At Ndex, clients come first.





Integrated by design



“Advisors who use integrated core applications are, on average, 30% more profitable.”
2007 AICPA/Moss Adams CPA Financial Planning Practice Study


§  Unlike other products, Ndex is totally integrated. Our portfolio analysis, modeling, trading, reporting, CRM and quote services are delivered in a seamless system in order to provide superior portfolio management.


§  Ndex is offered as a single packaged solution. A majority of portfolio management solution companies sell their applications in the form of modules. (Trading, reporting, CRM, etc.)


§  Don’t be fooled – the integration of multiple 3rd party products always encounters issues. It also requires more employee training and introduces additional maintenance and inefficiencies due to the support required to reconcile multiple platforms and interfaces. Other products may appear to be integrated, but in fact, they utilize multiple architectures and interfaces.


§  One interface. One architecture. No integration problems.


§  Our fully integrated system is highly efficient and effective, easy to use and requires minimal client support.


§  The Ndex F-Engine solution was built from the ground up from one architecture, one interface and with one specific purpose – to provide you with the tools to help you be the best at what you do: managing your investor’s funds.

 Ndex is all you need to grow your wealth management business.



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