Client Relationship Management






We understand that building and maintaining trusted investor relationships is crucial to your business. Ndex’s Client Relationship Management (CRM) system provides robust functionality to help you serve your clients. Our CRM capability makes it easy to search a client’s portfolio, follow up with prospective clients, consolidate portfolios, identify clients with maturities approaching their term and report on assets under management. Create customized client lists. Track important dates with the built in agenda and calendar.  



Batch Reporting 

Our CRM reporting makes it quick and easy to produce professional, client-facing reports which can be e-mailed, mailed or faxed to your clients. The flexible design allows you to select one or more reports for as many clients as you wish.



Direct Investor Access Client Risk Profile

Individual clients and investors are able to access their web-based portfolios through the same user interfaces used by their advisors. 



Client Risk Profile 

Utilizing our proprietary eTCPTM methodology, evaluate a comprehensive risk and investment profile for each investor. Provide investment opportunities customized to the goals of each client.



Networking Fast, Secure Communications - Outlook™ Interface

With the introduction of Wealthpeer©, we are changing the way you work! If you choose, we will give you the capability to communicate with your peers, turning the Ndex system into an extended industry network. Through our fully integrated portal, communicate within your firm, with your clients and with professionals throughout the Ndex community.



Fast, Secure Communications - Outlook™ Interface

Build your own secure, private client network. Our CRM communications tool even interfaces with Outlook™. Organize a conference, share an article or post pictures from a recent event without the concerns of open social media. In addition, you can authorize users to share information. Introduce a new employee, announce a new offering or provide advice for a changing economy.  




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Ndex is now a member of Interactive Brokers


Ndex is pleased to announce that it is now a member of “The Marketplace@IB”, a community that brings together third parties who have products and services to offer to Interactive Brokers customers. IB is the latest Broker Dealer to offer connection to Ndex’s “Portfolio Management Platform”.

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