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Innovating Into the 21st Century

About Us

At Ndex, leading innovation is our mission. Comprised of mathematicians, software engineers, accounting specialists and client care specialists, Ndex is committed to providing industry leading, value-added business solutions for our clients at a fraction of the cost of a proprietary system.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our platform’s unique approach offers the flexibility and scalability to service a diverse line of businesses. Ndex works with a range of clients around the world, from independent advisors and family offices to major wealth management, brokerage, and accounting firms. Our platform and services are not limited to the financial sector – any industry that relies on data can rely on Ndex.

The Ndex Team


Laurent Bensemana  

Laurent founded Ndex Systems in 1999 with the goal of democratizing access to financial data, which, until the development of the internet, had formerly been limited to financial institutions.

An experienced entrepreneur and innovator, Laurent holds four patents relating to consumer-focused data collection and analysis software. Under his leadership, Ndex Systems has grown to support 13,000+ wealth managers and firms across North America managing over 200 billion in assets.


Ahmed Ouedraogo  

Ahmed has been an integral part of Ndex Inc., providing technical and organizational expertise since he joined the organization soon after its inception. With a master’s degree in Computer Science and Information Systems and an author of several academic papers, Ahmed ensures that Ndex operates efficiently. His primary role is to ensure that the highest standards of management are met within the organization.


Brigitte Dube  

Brigitte has lent her substantial financial knowledge to Ndex and Artiffex for over a decade. With a passion for mathematics and accounting, Brigitte enables Ndex to continuously reinvest in enhancing our technology while ensuring robust financial health.

Marketing & Communications Manager

Rachel Andren  

Rachel joined Ndex and Artiffex in 2021. An experienced marketing and communications specialist, Rachel has worked in the television advertising, higher education, and accounting industries. Her varied background and experience bring a unique perspective to the team.

Client Care Manager

Giovanna Catalano

Giovanna has been a pillar of Ndex Systems for twenty years, dedicated to ensuring Ndex clients are supported based on their organizational needs. With extensive organizational knowledge, Giovanna is part of the team that provides the responsive, quality customer care that Ndex is renowned for.

Founder and CEO, Artiffex

Guy Vadish  

Guy founded Artiffex in 2015 as a spin-off company to Ndex Systems. Artiffex specializes in supporting the accounting industry through automation. Offering both subscription and outsourcing models, Artiffex has helped accounting firms and family offices across Canada revolutionize reconciliation and reporting, dramatically reducing costs and increasing operation efficiency. 

Marketing & Sales, US

John Larson  

John began working with Ndex in 2018 and brings 25 years of experience in the distribution of investment products and technology.  John worked as a Regional Vice President for Nationwide Financial, Curian Capital, Folio Dynamix and Envestnet before joining Ndex to expand their platform distribution in the US.


Romeo Soare

A seasoned expert, Romeo ensures the integrity and security of our clients’ data. Having achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance in 2021, Romeo leads a strong team of specialists dedicated to continuously safeguarding Ndex and our clients.


Ndex founder and CEO Laurent Bensemana is the holder of four patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which focus on aggregating and harmonizing financial data from infinite sources into customized portfolios and profiles with specialized tools.

System and method for creating a true customer profile

System and method for anonymously matching products or services with a consumer

System and method for anonymously matching products or services with a consumer (continuation of 8311927)

Method and system for building an enhanced investment portfolio

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