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What Our Customers Are Saying

Our platform’s unique approach offers the flexibility and scalability to service a diverse line of businesses. Ndex works with a range of clients around the world, from independent advisors and family offices to major wealth management, brokerage, and accounting firms. Our platform and services are not limited to the financial sector – any industry that relies on data can rely on Ndex.

We at Eggert Financial are really thrilled with how smoothly things have gone with Ndex linking these accounts and providing a seamless transition. Our billing reporting process went great. We are most grateful for all the work on your end to make this possible.

Eggert Financial
Colorado, USA

I have never worked with anyone as understanding to our (advisors) needs and have such “yes can do” and “get things done” attitudes as Ndex. Practically ever suggestion or request I’ve made has been implemented at no cost, and quickly.

Michelle D.
Missouri-based Investment Advisor

F-Engine is feature-rich and flexible. It has all the functionality a wealth management firm could ever require. In addition, Ndex offers outstanding support during the implementation and initial configurations process as well as ongoing. I would not hesitate to recommend Ndex.

Thomas F.
Canada-based Investment Advisor

The Ndex application has very quickly demonstrated its value to our office by offering a multi-platform, consolidated view of our holdings under management. This global overview has been invaluable as it has allowed us to concentrate on the monitoring of our assets and investments, rather than the numerous hours of manual data entry and subsequent data retrieval in a useful manner.

Laetitia Konana
MBA, Financial Advisor, Aspex Eyewear

I am impressed at your willingness to not only hear the problems and wish lists but to take action and provide the updates as soon as possible.

Paul Tomlinson, Graydon Elliot

I believe this program is a must-have for anyone serious about portfolio management implementing detailed and flexible modelling with baskets, benchmarks, and profiling. It is far superior than the half-dozen or so systems I have used over the last 18 years.

Stan Clarke
Principal, Mirador Wealth Stewardship

Our firms have been working together now for nearly a decade. To date, the results…have been extraordinarily accurate. Since you introduced the GIPS compliant cash flow methodology, the results have also been superb.

Effie Wolle
CFA, CIO, GFI Investment Council

We have chosen Ndex as our preferred service provider due to your customizable solutions, integration of third-party data, and ease of use. Our exchange of ideas and your willingness to build enhancements help make our firm more productive and competitive in the marketplace.

Robert Rothenberg
CFA, CIWM, FCSI, President, Rothenberg Capital Management

Ndex has been responsive in meeting changing industry and client requirements. We will continue to place our trust Ndex to play a key role in meeting our system needs.

Donald Harrington
SVP, Finance, Mackie Research Capital Corporation

Ndex has been a trust partner that has helped us grow and attached some of the best investment advisors in our industry.

Jack Mastromattei
COO, Partner, Aligned Capital Partners

Ndex provided the greatest services and integration for our needs in one package…We appreciate that Ndex offered training, counselling and was also attentive to our needs in order to adapt the system.

Guy Dufresne
VP, Fin-XO Securities

[The Ndex platform] can be customized in many ways and it gets the job done. A data geek would love it based on the volume of information it can contain for you.

Jeff Woolley
GV Capital

In less than five minutes I was able to create a report and quickly manipulate data in excel to find exactly what I was needing to see…Thanks again for the hard work you and your team have done to create this system, it is truly amazing.

Nathan Lovik
Investment Advisor Representative

The … best thing that happened during this rough period was meeting with Laurent and signing with Ndex Systems.

Ravi Sodhi
Portfolio Manager, Sodhi Asset Management

Keep up the great work. Thank you Ndex!

Jonathan Gold
Gold Investment Management

Pleasure to work with you…you make it easy.

Nicole Gervais
Client Manager, Qube Investment Management

It is fabulous! Thank you so much for putting in this [metric section]. For a PM shop that sells consistency of returns and the upside vs downside capture, this feature of great value.

Benoît Poliquin
President and Portfolio Manager, Xponent Investment Management

I would not be able to do what I do without your help and work. Thank you for all you do!

Roger L. Hoenes
Managing Partner, Pro-vi$ion Advisor Group, LLC

For years now, we have collaborated with Ndex for driving our data safely and helping us leverage it to bring even more to our clients. Your team continues to make our firm stronger and more capable of delivering the best service possible to our clientele. We appreciate your tools and especially your skills, experience, knowledge and competence: you make us stronger.

Etienne Gelinas
Chief Operation Officer, Pratte Portfolio Management