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  • Portfolio Management Reinvented
  • Trade Management with Precision
  • Performance Reporting with Insight
  • Streamlined Client Onboarding and Engagement
  • Value-Added Client-Facing Tools
  • Transparent Fee Billing and Document Management
  • Proactive Compliance and Data Integration

Portfolio Management Reinvented

Dynamic Asset Consolidation 

Gain a holistic view of assets across all classes. 

Intelligent Tax Strategies 

Implement tax-efficient portfolio models tailored to individual needs.

Trade Management with Precision

Seamless Trading Ecosystem 

trade across a vast spectrum of securities supported by precise accounting for each transaction

Advanced Compliance Protocols 

Ensure trades adhere to the latest regulatory standards, backed by a meticulous reconciliation process.

Performance Reporting with Insight

Comprehensive Analytics 

Delve deeper into portfolio performance with enhanced analytics merging Ndex’s data aggregation with Artiffex’s accounting insights.

Customizable Benchmarking

Tailor performance measures to individual or model-specific standards with our industry-leading benchmarking. 

Streamlined Client Onboarding and Engagement

Digital-First Onboarding 

Experience a quick and efficient “client centric” setup with configurable KYC and financial profiling. Ability to support automated multi-custodian account opening driven from the client centric data collected.

Better Client Understanding 

Enhance advisor-client success with deep insights into client behaviors and preferences.

Value-Added Client-Facing Tools

Custom Reporting 

Provide clients with customized reporting capabilities within a branded, intuitive client portal.

Interactive Client Experience 

Offer an interactive digital experience with our client portal, featuring real-time data, document sharing, and financial insights.

Transparent Fee Billing and Document Management

Adaptive Billing 

Introduce clear, flexible fee structures and adaptive calculations that cater to diverse client agreements.

Integrated Document Ecosystem 

Manage documents effortlessly with our integrated ecosystem, combining automated retrieval with secure storage and sharing capabilities.

Proactive Compliance and Data Integration

Comprehensive Compliance Framework 

Anticipate and adapt to regulatory changes confidently and swiftly.

Holistic Financial Overview

Experience the fusion of robust data feeds with proprietary accounting integration for a complete financial picture.

Why Choose Our Platform?

Time Efficiency and Customization

Save valuable time while delivering tailored services for your clients.

Simplified Wealth Management

A single integrated platform for all wealth management needs, from data aggregation and insights to client reporting and compliance.

Security and Continuous Innovation

Stay ahead with a platform built on security and enhanced by ongoing client-driven improvements.

Unmatched Support

Experience hands-on support and training that allows you to utilize the full suite of our wealth management solutions and customize it to your exact needs..

Data management Simplified

Various data streams funneled into one aggregated supply.

Integrate your tools with one single source of clean, reliable data.

Access data with peace of mind

Industry-leading controls and safeguards keep your data safe.

Increase operational efficiency with streamlined data flows.